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Love Cream PlusEnjoy intimacy Again

MVP Love Cream +

MVP Love Cream + is an exclusive prescription formulation of topical cream for women who have difficulty achieving sexual pleasure or orgasm.

The active ingredients in MVP Love Cream + (Aminophylline, L-Arginine, and Sildenafil) increase blood flow in the labia and surrounding areas. This improves sesitivity and a woman's ability to experience pleasure.

Generic viagra® Troches (Sildenafil)

For men who do not like taking pills or have experienced limited results with pills, our sublingual formulations are a great alternative. By circumventing the digestive process sildenafil troches act faster and are more likely to have a greater result. They are also less expensive than brand name Viagra®.

Topical testosterone gel

Although testosterone gels are available in set, standard formulations, some patients require alternate doses. As compounding pharmacists, we can create custom testosterone gels with different potencies to suit your body's unique requirements.


Consult with your doctor to determine if these prescription formulations are right for you.